Universe 2021 Best Paper Award selects our group.

The journal Universe has announced the winners of the Universe 2021 Best Paper Awards. All papers published from 2015 to 2020 in Universe were considered for the awards. After a thorough evaluation of the originality and significance of the papers, citations, and downloads, the following three winning papers, which were nominated by the Editor-in-Chief, have been selected: 

Nonsingular Black Holes in ƒ (R) Theories
By: Gonzalo J. Olmo and Diego Rubiera-Garcia
Universe 20151(2), 173–185

Is it no Longer Necessary to Test Cosmologies with Type Ia Supernovae?
By: Ram Gopal Vishwakarma and Jayant V. Narlikar
Universe 20184(6), 73

A Universe that Does Not Know the Time
By: João Magueijo and Lee Smolin
Universe 20195(3), 84


Seeing Black Holes: From the Computer to the Telescope
By: Jean-Pierre Luminet
Universe 20184(8), 86


We want to transmit our warmest congratulations to our group members Gonzalo J. Olmo and Diego Rubiera-Garcia on their achievement. 

The paper Nonsingular Black Holes in ƒ (R) Theories studies the structure of a family of static, spherically symmetric space-times generated by an anisotropic fluid and governed by a quadratic f(R) theory. Diego and Gonzalo found solutions that represent black holes with the central singularity replaced by a finite size wormhole, and showed that time-like geodesics and null geodesics with nonzero angular momentum never reach the wormhole throat due to an infinite potential barrier. For null radial geodesics, it takes an infinite affine time to reach the wormhole. This means that the resulting space-time is geodesically complete and, therefore, nonsingular despite the generic existence of curvature divergences at the wormhole throat. 


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